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Unique Amenities Carefully Designed by Diyar Al Muharraq
24 February 2022
Unique Amenities Carefully Designed by Diyar Al Muharraq

Diyar Al Muharraq’s master-planned city contains communities that boast luxury living in a way that interprets style, comfort and characteristics of spaces with high-end interior design.  

This goes beyond design choices - it’s about creativity, inspiration and authenticity. Our interior designers bring the comforts of home with a modern touch. Diyar has truly invested in its outdoor spaces, from its backyard décor to the green spaces planned across multiple projects such as Al Naseem, Al Bareh, and Deerat Al Oyoun.

1.       Lighting 

Lighting design has been carefully curated by interior designers where each room has a combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting in a way that complements the use of each room.

2.       Interior design

Expert interior designers and decorators were involved in every step of the design to ensure the space was adaptable to every homeowner’s need. Extensive planning and meticulous selection of materials and colour palettes went into every room, from the kitchen designs to the living room. Most rooms have been created to be multi-functional, that can be catered to resident’s needs.  

3.       Roof Garden

In order to fully utilize every available space in the houses, the roofing has been designed in a way to accommodate a rooftop garden to create a space of quiet and calm; without interfering with any of the utility units. Al Naseem villa rooftops allow for the perfect space for barbecues and outdoor dining, complete with a built-in sink and counter space as available add-ons.