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Al Noor & Al Sherooq


Al Noor and Al Sherooq: The Ideal Modern Bahraini Lifestyle

Located at the Diyar Al Muharraq entrance, Al Noor and Al Sherooq neighborhoods are formed of residential areas featuring 2500 units, master planned and founded on the basis of traditional Muharraqi features, Arabian themes and Middle Eastern influences. 

The Masterplan: Modern Lifestyle for Families

Al Noor and Al Sherooq residents enjoy peaceful living while surrounded by 40 KMs of scenic waterfront, beaches and numerous parks. The earthy colors of the buildings blend beautifully with the blue water views, green landscapes and tree-lined avenues which are a great example of the eco-friendly community concept of Diyar Al Muharraq.

The Location: Safety and Easy Access to Amenities

Previously called the “The Diyar Homes” neighborhood, Al Noor and Al Sherooq surely embody the real sense of Home. They are located near various amenities including schools, medical centres, parklands, shopping centres, with scenic walkways and pathways allowing safe and easy navigation throughout the development. 

The Architecture: A blend of Tradition and Modernity

Al Noor and Al Sherooq represent a blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the modern Bahraini family lifestyle. Local traditions and Islamic values have been taken into consideration in the design to recreate the characteristic Muharraqi aspects, while providing everything residents need to carry out a modern lifestyle. The infrastructure was developed according to high specifications, utilizing a variety of quality materials and innovative technologies. The entire range of residential options support healthy family living, incorporate high quality finishing and the best choice of materials.

The architectural styles are distinctive, demonstrating the overall effect of a traditional Bahraini township and transporting residents back to the roots of the island.

Sustainability: Greener Lifestyle 

Homes in Al Noor and Al Sherooq neighbourhoods include beautiful spaces allowing for a superb setting to gather the family for a healthy meal of produce grown on the rooftop gardens.