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Island Life: Why Living in Diyar Al Muharraq by the Sea is Better for You
02 June 2021
Island Life: Why Living in Diyar Al Muharraq by the Sea is Better for You

Living by the beach is the ultimate dream for many and for centuries, doctors have been recommending trips to the shore as a curative for many ailments. People travel to sandy beaches to relax, listen to the waves and sense the health benefits and attractiveness of the ocean views, salty water and ultimate relaxation. Diyar Al Muharraq planned it all in advance and mastered the 365-day vacation wholesome home with its seafront, waterfront and main canal developments.


The beach is associated with relaxation, including ocean tides, sea breezes, and open landscapes, which all help to decrease the stress of everyday life.

While a vacation at the beach can temporarily reduce your stress levels, people who live near the sea at Diyar Al Muharraq can experience this same benefit on a daily basis.

Increased relaxation and decreased stress provide a strengthened immune system. Water can be very therapeutic and engaging in water activities such as fishing, walking in Al Naseem Marina, or even going for a cruise in your own boat docked alongside your villa can reduce stress and restore health.

Al Naseem Marina is designed to accommodate 100 boats and features an incredible promenade stretching in an arc shaped structure that gives it a truly distinctive personality.

Marrying retail, dining and recreational opportunities with ambience, vibrancy and flavor, the Retail and Marina Promenade is a unique part of Al Naseem’s identity that embodies its very scenic and soulful essence.

Physical Activity

Living near the sea also encourages physical activity. Residents of Al Bareh, Al Naseem, Mozoon projects benefit from open green areas where they can spend time practicing their favorite sports, and from seafront and canal closeness enabling them to have a walk on the sand, swim, surf, and play beach volleyball or just exercise.

People living near the sea are also more likely to spend time outdoors, which increases their vitamin D production. Vitamin D is essential to proper body functioning and promoting calcium absorption, bone strength, and immune health.

It’s no secret that life near the water has a lot to offer. Residents of Diyar AL Muharraq enjoy a good night’s rest, experience greater happiness, and more leisure time. Business owners enjoy a calm productive environment and embrace wellness and therefore Diyar Al Muharraq fulfills many aspects of its vision which is holistic, luxurious and sustainable living.