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Al Naseem

Sabah El-Nasayem
Al Naseem / Sabah El-Nasayem
area Built Up Area: 384
area No. of bedrooms: 4
area Location: Al Naseem
Duha El-Nasayem
Al Naseem / Duha El-Nasayem
area Built Up Area: 379
area No. of bedrooms: 4
area Location: Al Naseem
Aseel El-Nasayem
Al Naseem / Aseel El-Nasayem
area Built Up Area: 342
area No. of bedrooms: 3
area Location: Al Naseem
Layl El-Nasayem
Al Naseem / Layl El-Nasayem
area Built Up Area: 305
area No. of bedrooms: 3
area Location: Al Naseem

Al Naseem: A Complete Waterfront Lifestyle 

At the heart of Diyar Al Muharraq, one of the Gulf's most iconic coastal islands, the luxurious Al Naseem community proves to be the jewel of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s vision for growth and innovation.  Al Naseem, which signifies sea breeze in Arabic, is firmly anchored at the waterfront of the land of opportunities, whilst charting new waters in the city’s posh and innovative scene of modern living. Al Naseem offers residents an unsurpassed residential experience delivering a strong sense of Home.

The Project: A Luxurious Residential Community

Al Naseem offers an independent gated residential community characterized by warmth and authenticity. Al Naseem is a haven for those looking for a lifestyle of extravagance and tranquility expertly blending breath-taking views of water canals with unparalleled care for the eco-system and unmatched island lifestyle. Furthermore, the carefully designed Al Naseem Villas are in the proximity of the charming and dynamic waterfront living where the observation of the magnificent sunset and charming landscapes constitutes a breath of fresh air away from this era’s busy lifestyle.

The Location: A Fusion between Authenticity and Modernity

Situated in the middle north of the Southern Island of Diyar Al Muharraq, Al Naseem spreads over approximately 328,000 square meters, with breathtaking views of canals and luxurious waterfront neighborhoods.

It comprises two key zones, a gated community, and a non-gated community.

Al Naseem, in its gated residential zone is segmented into classy neighborhoods with names inspired by the mesmerizing environment and breath-taking views, all within walking distance to various shopping destinations and restaurants, and the Retail and Marina Promenade.

The second zone will house an additional 500 apartments in exquisitely designed buildings, adjoining to 10,000 sqm of convenience retail, leisure and entertainment facilities with an integrated pedestrian-friendly promenade and around a 100-berth marina - known as the Retail and Marina Promenade.

 Al Naseem extends far beyond luxury living to offer residents an extensive, vibrant, urban living experience. Designed to complement the residents’ living experience with the best in recreation and entertainment, Al Naseem’s Leisure Club, which residents have exclusive access to, offers premium facilities and serves as a social hub where residents can gather for group activities, social support, public information and much more.

In addition to these attractive facilities, the Leisure Club also plans to offer a fitness center with separate facilities for men and women in addition to a communal space where those who want to pursue physical well-being goals, can do so comfortably.The community encompasses world-class amenities such as a tennis court, multi-purpose hall, an expansive outdoor play area for children, open parks for recreational purposes and a mosque that will bring worshippers together.

For centuries, the Muharraq Island, home to Diyar Al Muharraq, was referred to as “The Pearl of the Arabian Gulf” for being a historical trade and pearl diving hub. 

Every element has been thought through to reflect the project’s unique inspiration. Moreover, every architectural concept has been chosen for their connection with the Kingdom’s past and present history.

This careful blend of the old and the new, conserving authentic traditions and local customs was the core pillar in the development of Al Naseem ecosystem embodying the ultimate waterfront lifestyle within the city.

Its strategic coastal location boasts unparalleled sea views, and houses a 100-berth marina, with access to the Arabian Gulf. The Al Naseem residential and commercial project represents a true fusion of historical and modern waterfront living in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Masterplan: A Gem Carefully Explored and Developed

The Masterplan of Diyar Al Muharraq is culturally rooted, inspired by the Kingdom’s long-standing traditions, history, close-knit community relationships, and hospitality. Its infrastructure was developed to promote sustainable economic growth, cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship, maximize productivity, and preserve communal bonds and cohesion. Diyar Al Muharraq also offers a wealth of exciting investment opportunities for business ventures and investors.

Al Naseem, the real estate development gem, commensurate with the overall quintessence of the Diyar Al Muharraq concept. It comprises 2 key zones, the first zone is a gated residential community encompassing more than 300 canal front villas, 500 residential apartments in individually designed buildings, and excellent community, and leisure facilities. The second zone will house an additional 500 apartments in exquisitely designed buildings, adjoining to 10,000 sqm of convenient retail, leisure and entertainment facilities with an integrated pedestrian-friendly retail promenade and a 100-berth marina. 

Al Naseem is infused with the charm and reassurance of the fully integrated city offering safe havens, luxurious villas and fully equipped facilities including schools, medical centers, shopping malls, hotels, beaches, marinas, mosques, green open spaces and parks, sports fields, fuel stations and more.

The Villas: A Comprehensive and Exquisite Pleasure of Living

Al Naseem has four distinct villa types inspired by nature and the four distinctive colored themes we see throughout the day: in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night.

Open balconies and optional private boat docks intensify the pleasure of the waterfront living in Al Naseem Villas which are lodged in the gated residential zone of the project.

The villas carry the names of the charming effect they cultivate in inhabitants and are divided into 4 different types and sizes to complement various lifestyles:

-  Sabaah El-Nasayem - 384 sqm

-  Duha El-Nasayem - 379 sqm

-  Aseel El-Nasayem - 342 sqm

-  Layl El-Nasayem - 305 sqm

For the ultimate waterfront experience

-  Villas are offered as an Exclusive Freehold Ownership

-  Each villa is semi-furnished

-  Promotional offer of 3 years of free service charges

-  Villas have balconies overlooking panoramic canal views and private swimming pool

-  The private boat dock is available per villa upon request

-  Smart Home Technology is available upon request

-  Optional elevator is available upon request

-  Villas have two kitchens, a pantry with a built-in fridge, a maid’s room and a laundry room