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Al Noor & Al Sherooq

Located at the entrance to Diyar Al Muharraq, the Al Noor and Al Sherooq neighbourhoods bring traditional Bahraini family living into the 21st century. Combining traditional Muharraqi features, Arabian themes and Middle Eastern influences with the latest innovative building technologies, they provide everything families need for a comfortable, healthy and stylish modern lifestyle.

Comfortable, healthy and stylish modern lifestyle
Comfortable, healthy and stylish modern lifestyle

The Al Noor and Al Sherooq Masterplans

Designed to make the most of the beautiful setting, Al Noor and Al Sherooq’s traditional-style villas have been created to harmonise perfectly with nature, with tree-lined roads, large parks and close proximity to the beach. Building upon Diyar Al Muharraq’s eco-friendly principles, the neighbourhood has been landscaped using drought-resistant plants and trees, while buildings are bathed in natural light and are crafted using the latest eco-friendly materials. The community masterplan features a network of roads, paths and waterways, which offer safe and easy access throughout the development, including an array of family-friendly amenities, such as mosques, schools, community facilities and retailers.

Al Noor and Al Sherooq Homes

All villas within Al Noor and Al Sherooq have been designed to meet the needs of the 21st century Bahraini family. The high-quality design and building specifications are inspired by Bahrain’s architectural traditions, and include an array of modern features for comfort and convenience, such as eco-friendly materials and innovative technologies. Unique to these neighbourhoods, each home features a beautiful roof garden, increasing access to fresh air and nature, and offering residents a golden opportunity to live more sustainably by cultivating their own green spaces and growing fruit and vegetables.

Designed in earthy tones which blend into the development’s scenic setting, each villa features three to four bedrooms, majlis, large living area, fitted kitchen and reception area, as well as a maid’s room, optional extra living space and parking for two cars. Houses are designed with five stylish interior options, including:

El Daneh – inspired by the pearl, and rooted in Bahrain’s heritage and culture

El Bahar – dominated by blue tones, it echoes the soothing colours of the sea, and invokes a feeling of calm and tranquillity

El Nakhlah – celebrating the region’s famous palm trees, it creates a feeling of sustainability and stability

El Sedrah – focusing on health and wellness, it is inspired by the El Sedrah tree

Al Looz – inspired by the rare, sweet fruit, Al Looz homes are vibrant and full of energy

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