The Project



From the very beginning, Diyar Al Muharraq set out to re-imagine land development in Bahrain. Learning from the best residential and urban areas in the world and the Gulf, Diyar established the following 8 guiding principles, or vision, for the master plan:
1. Build a city for all people
2. Establish thriving communities
3. Maximize the excitement and value of the waterfront
4. Build on local culture and religious tradition
5. Provide a distinctive and memorable public realm
6. Use iconic architecture strategically
7. Sustainability and environment
8. Future proofing

The resulting master plan has achieved these guiding principles to great effect!

The shape of each island represents the best balance of land mass and length of waterfront edge, with the size of islands chosen to maximize either connectivity or privacy and exclusivity. Once the islands were set, Diyar studied the waterfront closely to find ways to maximize public access to the water while also creating focal points for the community. These focal points include tranquil public beaches, active marinas and lively waterfront retail projects. Once these focal points were established, the master planners worked to link each neighbourhood to the nearby amenities with footpaths and roads.

Each neighbourhood is designed around a local park which features play areas, convenience shopping and a mosque. Clusters of neighbourhoods are served by a larger park, or waterfront amenity, served by larger community retail centres where people can meet, pay their bills, do the weekly shopping and so on.

Essential community amenities such as public schools, private schools, universities, healthcare, petrol stations, community policing and government services were placed in areas which best serve the surrounding neighbourhoods, and with easy access to the broader community.