• 1. What is DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ?

    DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ is a unique masterplanned city in the Kingdom of Bahrain offering a range of housing options and quality lifestyle for all strata of society. Situated on the northern shores of Muharraq, its amenities will include over 40 kilometres of waterfront, together with sandy beaches – among the most extensive publicly accessible waterfront.

    As the master developer, DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ will offer plots to developers, but will also elect to develop some plots themselves.

    DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ is project for the long term. By being the first development with a dedicated focus on providing reasonably priced housing, it will open up new and exciting opportunities for a group of society previously excluded from real estate ownership.

    It will draw on Arabic culture and traditions, blending them with modern design and lifestyle requirements. For the first time, Bahrain will have a community where visitors and residents will benefit from the many beachfront and landscaped recreation areas and marinas, as well as all the elements one expects from such a community including schools, medical facilities, and commercial outlets like shopping malls, banks, hotels and a local services infrastructure.

  • 2. What is the scale of the project?

    DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ is a new development built as an extension of the island of Muharraq. Its boundaries extend over an area of 12 square kilometres. The development is a cohesive mix of residential and commercial properties with a wide selection from high-rise to single-storey villas.

    There is the potential for around 30,000 dwellings which will include a mix of housing and commercial properties in a wide range of plot sizes and prices – the majority within highly affordable price brackets.

  • 3. What is the total investment in the project?

    The urban development’s anticipated total investment value is US$ 3.2 billion (BHD 1.2 billion)

  • 4. Who is financing the project?

    The main investor is Kuwait Finance House (KFH), as well as a group of private investors.

  • 5. How was the location chosen?

    The area was chosen for a variety of reasons:

    1. Muharraq is a place of great significance in both historical and cultural terms. We wanted to drive a revival of the area to ensure that Muharraq retains its status and continues to thrive.
    2. It is near the capital Manama and therefore an easy commute for many residents.
    3. There are several existing or upcoming major commercial and industrial ventures (Bahrain International Airport, Khalifa bin Salman port in Hidd and the Bahrain Investment Wharf) located around Muharraq, which will provide employment, so it makes sense to have more housing nearby.
  • 6. Who do you see as the potential market for the homes in such a project?

    Everyone is welcome to buy – all local people, Gulf nationals and expatriates. Properties will be available on a freehold basis as per the regulations set in place by the Kingdom’s freehold legislation, and provided an expatriate buyer satisfies those regulations, they can buy a property in DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ.

  • 7. What is the timeframe for the project?

    Dredging and land reclamation began in 2006 and the first 6 square kilometres was completed end of 2009. Infrastructure for the same area will be completed by 2013. The first elements of the development are expected to be ready for use by late 2011 and DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ expects to offer investment opportunities to developers during 2010-2011.

  • 8. What is the proportion of planned housing in the different plot sizes?

    DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ will offer plots in equal proportions across the small, medium and large sizes to ensure housing is reasonably priced across the income groups.

  • 9. Would there be differences in what is being planned and provided in the different areas of the development?

    All residential islands in the development will have access to the same high standard and wide choice of facilities available for use by the whole community. It is only the plot sizes and property designs that will differ.

  • 10. With so many other new developments, what makes DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ stand out?

    1. The sheer scale of the project. DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ will represent a new city with all the supporting network of infrastructure and facilities that one would expect on this scale including local government services.
    2. DIYAR AL MUHARRAQ is not driven purely by economic motives. We are building to support the government in a long-term housing strategy for the ultimate benefit of the people of Bahrain.
    3. The pricing of the properties will offer a large amount of housing at prices reasonably priced to many Bahrainis and expatriates.